Elm Class 2017

Jan 25

Nov 04

Science Museum

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We had such an amazing day yesterday at the Science Museum with Willow Class.

We went to a Forces workshop which links to our science topic of Forces and Magnets that we are studying this half term.

Thank you to all of our parent helpers that made the trip possible!

Oct 21

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Yesterday we visited Heston park as part of our Geography topic. We have been looking at using maps and had previously planned a route to the park. Yesterday we took the maps with us and the children told me the direction we should be going in and what road was next. Luckily they managed to successfully navigate our route to the park so were rewarded with some play time.


Oct 18

Last week the whole school performed a poem by Dave Calder – The Key to the castle!

It was a pleasure to watch!

Oct 18


Well done to table 6 who created a fantastic and confident News Report!

Oct 13

Amazing Moon homework!

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I’ve been really impressed this week by the high standard of homework that was handed in. So many beautiful posters and books with lots of moon facts and information on the stages of the moon. Lots of house points were given out! Well done Elm class – keep it up!

img_0158-4 img_0159-1 img_0160-1

Oct 12

So it looks like our messages DID reach Moon Man!

He crash landed into Springwell Junior School, but luckily we were ready to visit the scene with the army, fire brigade, reporters and even an ice cream man!

We will now to working in class to write and perform news reports on the event!

Moon Man is safe and well and being looked after by the army and police!

img_0331-2 img_0332 img_0330

Oct 06

Balloon release

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On Tuesday all of year 3 released 60 balloons. The children wrote messages to the man in the moon to see if he wants to visit us at Springwell – in case he is lonely on his own on the moon.

Watch the exciting videos here.



Oct 06

Finally the blog is working again (yay!)

Here is the power point presentation from parents day, for anyone who couldn’t make it or wants to see it again.




Sep 22

Hello everyone, Miss Turrell here.

Just wanted to clarify some information.

We have P.E on Mondays and Games on Fridays – children need to keep their P.E kit in school all week and take it home on Friday for washing, remembering to bring it back on Monday morning.

For P.E children need plimsolls (or can be bear foot), shorts and a yellow P.E t-shirt. Leggings can be worn under shorts.

For Games we are usually outside so as the weather gets colder children will need to bring in jogging bottoms and a long sleeve plain t-shirt to go under their P.E t-shirt and trainers for outside. Please don’t forget to provide your child with clean socks too!

Earrings need to be removed or covered with masking tape.

Any bracelets that cannot be removed for religious reasons need to be covered with a sweat band for P.E and Games so it does not get caught on equipment.


If you are still waiting for a Springwell P.E t-shirt to arrive then your child can wear a plain yellow or white t-shirt until it arrives.

Finally it would be really helpful to make sure your child learns how to tie their shoelaces, as many are still asking for help with this when changing.


Many thanks – any questions just leave them in the comments box below.

Miss Turrell